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123College.com is the largest and oldest college planning company in the country. Ron Jay founded the company in 1994. There is no better marketing system for financial advisors and insurance agents who want to increase life and annuity sales. You can show clients how they may save thousands of dollars on college costs in a variety of fashions. One way in particular may be by purchasing life and annuities since these investments are generally not assessed in the financial aid formulas. We are the only insurance lead sales system that schedules seminars at educational venues in the country today. The 123College Scheduling Department secures rooms for you at the local high schools, colleges, and other educational venues in your local area.

Here at 123College Advisors, we remain the only college planning company in the country that can truly get you immediately set up to enter the very lucrative college planning market and get in front of qualified and interested parents. We handle even the most tedious and sometimes confusing aspects of college planning for you, from start to finish, beginning with completion of the often-overwhelming FAFSA form, the long federal government form required in this country for all financial aid. Our 123College staff not only researches the best and most appropriate seminar venues in your geographic area, but also actually sets up your college planning seminars for parents of college-bound high school students, your new target market.

Why 123College is the Perfect Partner for Guidance Counselors and Financial Aid Officers Guidance counselors and college financial aid officers are a part of your child’s educational team, and play specific roles in helping him/her get into college. 123 College supplements their efforts and provides services that they often can not. Guidance counselors can help students research schools, get information about the SAT or ACT, and help them with the application process.
However, what is the most financially beneficial way for parents to actually pay for college? And how can they position themselves to receive the most financial aid possible? These are questions that the vast majority of guidance counselors cannot answer. Why, because guidance counselors are great educational professionals, but they are not licensed financial professionals. Guidance counselors can certainly help you fill out forms, but when filing the FAFSA or CSS Profile a financial professional trained in college planning would be able to go beyond that and offer legal strategies that help to maximize financial aid eligibility.

Similarly, financial aid officers can give you information about their specific college and help you fill out forms. However, what school in your chosen area is the best financial choice for your child? This is not a question that financial aid officers often answer. Why, because they may be experts on their school but it is not their job to give students a cost comparison and send them to another school if it happens to be a better financial choice. Financial aid officers work for their schools, whereas our only allegiance is to your family.